cream cheese cookies

My computer was a real headache these days. It took such a long time to open even the first page! Visiting my favorite sites, typing in, uploading the pictures were almost impossible. Apparently it's bugs' doing. I know it's time to get new one, but I'm just waiting till September for some reason. Another 3 more months..... till that time, please behave yourselves, my dear bugs!

Anyway, I baked cream cheese cookies today. I put a lot of lemon zest in batter so the taste is refreshing, but at the same time it tastes creamy and rich because of the cream cheese and butter.


I adopted the recipe from this book, the author is Ms.Chie Kato, who is one of the famous patissierere in Japan.
by noa_2000 | 2008-07-07 12:27 | sweets/bread
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Hi,my name is noa. I was born and raised in Tokyo,Japan,and now I live in Canada with my generous husband, 2 loving sons and a puppy. I love reading, flower-arranging, shooting pictures and, baking.
by noa_2000
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