As soon as the calender indicates the arrival of autum, we've been having nothing but rain. Rain, rain, rain. Wet days, everyday. Well, during the weather is drastically changing in all over the world, due to global warming, it seems this typical west coast's wet feature is never changed yet. I'm supposed to appreciate this situation then.

Yesterday I found a good recipe at ' Baking Obsession ', which is lead by Vera, a wonderful food blogger.

These delicious cookies are called 'tan-fingers' , the base is made of the shortbread cookie and covered with the creamy caramel, cookie crumbs on top. (I also added some roasted nuts on top of it)

Mmmmm, these are sooooo yummy!
I mean they were more delicious than I expected. I believe the combination of shortbread cookies and caramel is the best of the best. They are so much my favorite. I'll definitely make them again and I can guarantee you that you'll never be disappointed with this recipe. It's worth to try!

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# by noa_2000 | 2008-10-05 13:43 | sweets/bread
homemade natural grape juice

red grapes 1kg
water 400ml
sugar.....it depends, calculate from - grape juice200ml : sugar70g

1. Put the grapes and water in a large pan and boil it on a medium heat.
Let it boil until bubbling.
2. Reduce the heat but keep boiling another 1,2 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave it for a while. On all this process, don't stir the grapes but you can shake the pan if nessesary.
3. Strain the grapes through the cheese cloth. Don't squeeze or the juice would become cloudy.
4. Heat juice to boiling point and skim. Add sugar. Heat it to the boiling point again. Boil 1 minute.
5. Pour into hot sterilized jars.

* This grape juice is very thick and sweet as the way it is. You can add your favorite liquid - water, soda, sparkling wine, etc. I added some club soda all this summer for myself, but toward this coming season, drink as a hot grape tea (boil it with anise and cinnamon stick - above pic) also would be nice.

Very delicious, safe to drink, easy to make!
So, what are you waiting for? Move on! :)

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# by noa_2000 | 2008-09-26 14:44 | cocktail/drinks
nuts and vanilla praline

The praline is one of my most favorite garnishes for the dessert. It gives a nice'n elegant touch to the dish, so this is an effective way to make the dessert look in a high grade instantly. Cheating? Yes, maybe :>
That crunch goes really well especially with the cold desserts - icecream, crem brulee, pudding, etc.

They are so easy to make. Just pour the caramelized mixture (sugar1 : water 1/2 : vanilla beans 1/2) over the roasted nuts on the parchment paper and leave to set for 10- 15 min. The praline can be made in advance and stored in airtight containers, or crush it in a food processor and sprinkle it over the icecream.

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# by noa_2000 | 2008-09-16 08:22 | sweets/bread
baguette grain

This hearty baguette has 6 kinds of grain in it - millet, sunflower seeds, quinoa, brown flax seeds, buck wheat and black sesame seeds. I shortened the baking time and lowered the temperature than usual, so the crust was not too crispy but a little chewy instead.

I adapted this recipe from this book, from ' baguette fruit ' .

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# by noa_2000 | 2008-09-10 13:33 | sweets/bread
matcha sweets & drinks

# by noa_2000 | 2008-09-04 14:58 | sweets/bread

Hi,my name is noa. I was born and raised in Tokyo,Japan,and now I live in Canada with my generous husband, 2 loving sons and a puppy. I love reading, flower-arranging, shooting pictures and, baking.
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